Contact OFTC’s Economic Development Staff

Economic Development

Kim J. David
Vice President, Economic Development
Office: (478) 240-5157
Cell: (478) 232-7248

Business & Industry Services and Continuing Education

Katrina Veal
Business & Industry Services Coordinator
Office: (478) 275-6592

Conference Centers

Shalesta Hendrix
Conference Center Manager
Office: (478) 274-7770

Steve Knight
Conference Center Coordinator
Office: (478) 274-7772

Dubose Porter Business and Industry Training Center

Ben J. Tarbutton, Jr.  Business Development Center

Safety Programs

Johnny Wilbanks
Safety Programs Instructor
Office: (478) 553-2441

E. Jay Garrett
Safety Programs Instructor
Office: (478) 553-2457

Lottie Rizzardi
Business & Industry Services Specialist
Office: (478) 553-2149

Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act

Patricia Cooper
WIOA Coordinator
Office: (478) 553-2444