OFTC Procedures

OFTC follows all policies and procedures establish by the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). Those policies and procedures can be found on the TCSG webpage: https://tcsg.edu/about-tcsg/state-board/policy-manual/

OFTC has local procedures in place to support the implementation of the TCSG State Board Policy. These procedures are listed below:

I. Mission and System Governance

I.A. OFTC Mission Statement
I.A.1. OFTC Institutional Effectiveness Procedures
I.D.a. OFTC State Board Policy and Local College Procedures
I.D.1.a. OFTC Local Board Bylaws
I.E.3. OFTC Substantive Change Notification Procedures


II. Administration

II.B. OFTC Purchasing Procedure
II.B.1. OFTC Procurement Purchases during Disaster Procedure
II.C.1. OFTC Maintenance for Campus Facilities Procedure
II.C.2. OFTC Vehicle Usage and Travel Procedure
II.C.4. OFTC Acceptable Computer and Internet Use Procedure
II.C.7. OFTC Tobacco Use Procedure
II.C.11. OFTC Severe Inclement Weather Procedure
II.E.1. OFTC Intellectual Property Procedure
II.F.1. OFTC Social Media Procedure
II.F.2. OFTC LED Sign Procedure
II.F.3. OFTC Publications/Content for Public Distribution Procedure
II.F.4. OFTC Communications with the Media Procedure
II.M.2. OFTC Copyright Procedure


III. Human Resources

III.A.2. OFTC Student Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination of Students Procedure
III.B.1 OFTC New Hire Procedure
III.B.2 OFTC Adjunct Employment Procedure
III.B.3 OFTC Interview/Selection Procedure
III.C.1. OFTC Dress Code Procedure
III.G.1 OFTC Performance Appraisal Procedure
III.R.1. OFTC Faculty Load Procedure
III.U.8.a OFTC Staff Development Procedure


IV. Academic Administration

IV.C.1. OFTC Academic Freedom Procedure
IV.D.1. OFTC Academic Advisement Procedure
IV.H.1. OFTC Curriculum Development Procedure
IV.H.2. OFTC Internal Schedule Development Procedure
IV.H.3. OFTC Credit Hour Procedure
IV.J.1. OFTC Articulation and Transfer Procedure
IV.M.1. OFTC Live Work Procedure
IV.S.1. OFTC Faculty Responsibilities for Academic and Governance Matters Procedure
IV.T.1. OFTC Distance Education Test Proctoring Procedure
IV.T.2. Distance Education Student Privacy Procedure


V. Student Affairs

V.B.2. OFTC Admissions Placement Procedure
V.B.2.a. OFTC Academic and Learning Support Procedure
V.D.1. OFTC Student Code of Conduct Procedure
V.D.2. OFTC Student Disciplinary Procedure
V.D.3. OFTC Academic Misconduct Procedure
V.F.1. OFTC Satisfactory Academic Progress Procedure
V.G.1. OFTC Academic Recognition Procedure
V.G.2. OFTC Grading System Procedure
V.G.3. Procedure OFTC Criteria for Awarding of the Posthumous Degree
V.H.1. OFTC Academic Standards, Evaluations, and Appeals Procedure
V.H.2. OFTC Credit Student Attendance Appeals Procedure
V.I.1. OFTC Field Trips Procedure
V.N.2. OFTC Fundraising for Student Activities and Clubs Procedure
V.P.1. OFTC Student Grievance Procedure