Welding Career Dreams Fire Up Seth Yeomans

A welding career was not something Seth Yeomans ever thought about. 

And after graduating from high school the thought of more school was a turnoff. He wanted to go to work and start making money.

But after long hours and hard work, Yeomans felt like he had little to show for his efforts.

Seth Yeomans, OFTC welding student
Seth Yeomans

“I had to ask myself if I wanted to slave my life away at a job I didn’t enjoy,” Yeomans said.

“And to top it all off, it was becoming boring.”

So, after a year in the workforce Yeomans started looking for an occupation he’d enjoy.

He researched welding programs because he knew it was a growing field and could offer the excitement he wanted.

“I knew about Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) campus in Dublin, so when I researched and found they offered welding, I enrolled,” Yeomans shared.

So, he started welding classes in January and is working on completing his Associate of Applied Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an area of specialization in Welding and Joining Technology.

Welding Career is Right for Yeomans

And, after starting welding classes it wasn’t long before Yeomans realized welding would offer what he was looking for.

“The main thing I enjoy about welding is the variety,” he said. “You have several processes and each of those processes have different methods so you are constantly adapting and adjusting to improve the quality of your welds.”

“Welding is a needed field and a profitable one,” Yeomans added. “The skills I learn at OFTC will enable me to advance in the workforce as a welder, and possibly allow me to start a business of my own.”

Thriving at OFTC

Not only is he confident that he’s chosen the right career, but Yeomans feels certain he’s at the right place.

 “Everyone I come in contact with at OFTC has been interested in helping someone out,” he said. “Because the instructors and staff are more than willing to help you learn and grow as a person.”

“Also, my experience here has also been a challenge,” Yeomans added.

Seth Yeomans looks forward to a welding career
Seth is welding a 6″ schedule 80 pipe in the 2G position (horizontal)

“Not because of classes or lab work but because everyone here encourages you to do more and be better. They encourage you to challenge the limits you thought you had and become a better person.”

Yeomans is now on track to enter the workforce with knowledge and skills to start a career he enjoys. And a career that allows him to make money and isn’t boring.

“I’m thankful for OFTC and want others to know that it’s a place where you can learn new things and test yourself against yourself. OFTC is a place that makes it easy to grow.”

For more info about OFTC’s Welding Program, or the College’s 140+ programs of study, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu.