Washington’s Perspective Leads to Successful Management Career

Christian Washington's perspective allowed him to find success in hospitality operations management.

“It’s all about your own perspective,” said Christian Washington, a Business Management graduate of Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) and General Manager of the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Dublin. 

A Shifting Perspective 

After graduating from high school Washington moved away for college like many of his fellow classmates. But life didn’t go according to plans and he moved back home to Dublin before completing his degree. “I needed to be closer to home to create more stability in my life at the time,” he said.  

Despite this setback, Washington didn’t let it keep him from pursuing a career and a future he would be proud of.  

“During high school my class toured OFTC one year and I thought this might be a good option for me since I knew I wanted to continue furthering my education,” Washington shared.  

He enrolled in OFTC’s online business management program and immediately knew he made the right decision.  

“The online program allowed me the ability to work and attend school at the same time,” he said. “And the instructors really personalized the experience by catering to my learning-style.”  

Washington says as a student he never felt rushed or pressured to comprehend a principle just to move on to the next lesson. “My instructors at OFTC allowed me time to process the concepts and the principles of business, and that allowed me to truly grasp the knowledge required for my degree.”  

Making the most of his time Washington secured a part-time job on campus where he was able to practice many of the principles he learned in the classroom. 

“This experience at OFTC saved my life,” he said. “Being able to take classes and work on campus gave me knowledge and experience that allowed me to grow personally and professionally, and even attain a second part-time job off campus in my field of study.”  

“These experiences grew my confidence and I realized I could attain anything I set my mind to do,” he added.  

Prepared for a Career 

Washington graduated from the program and began applying for jobs. He even attended the college’s annual Career & Job Expo where he learned of employment opportunities at the Fairfield Inn & Suites.  

Christian Washington's perspective allowed him to find success in hospitality operations management.

“I didn’t have a specific business career in-mind when I graduated and when I learned about the opportunity at Fairfield Inn I realized this was the perfect fit for me,” he shared. 

He started working at the front desk and loved it so much that he returned to OFTC to complete the four classes needed to obtain the Hospitality Operations Specialization so he could advance in his career at the hotel. 

Washington currently serves as the General Manager and oversees the various departments and ensures each department is achieving their daily goals.  

“I love my job – being able to inspire the team, watching people grow in their department, and helping provide the staff with the tools needed to succeed – I love it all,” Washington said.  

“OFTC’s business management program helped me achieve the goals I’ve attained today,” he added.  

When his plans didn’t work out like he hoped, Washington didn’t quit; he didn’t stop. He found another way to succeed. “I just want people to know about my experience at OFTC and that going to a technical college is not a bad option. It’s all about your own perspective.”  

For more info about OFTC’s online Business Management program, or the other 130+programs, visit the college’s website, OFTC.edu.