OFTC's Antonio Bell graduated with Associate Degrees in Cybersecurity and Networking and is now pursing a business management degree.
OFTC’s Antonio Bell Gears Up for Bright Future in the Tech Industry

After returning home from active service in the United States Army, Antonio Bell knew he’d need to further his education to create the future he wanted.  He attended a local university before his stint in the military, but it didn’t go as planned. After returning to Dublin, Bell decided to give college another chance. “I’m […]

Joshua Gilmore is pursuing a career in cyber security
Gilmore Trades in Welding Torch to Fight Cyber Crimes

Joshua Gilmore wouldn’t describe himself as a serious student in high school. “I didn’t really care for my future. I was more concerned with cracking jokes,” he shared. “Now that I’m grown, I realize there is a time for laughing and a time for seriousness.” A Spark Ignited In the 10th grade Gilmore followed one […]