Students Pinned During Nursing Pinning Ceremony

Twelve Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) Practical Nursing students were honored during the college’s Nursing Pinning Ceremony held on the South Campus in Dublin, Tuesday, December 5.

Each year the college holds this ceremony to symbolize the students’ completion of their educational requirements which enables them to sit for the state board licensure examination and welcomes them into the family of nurses.

“As instructors, we know the hard work and sleepless nights these students have put in,” shared Deborah Thomsen, OFTC Practical Nursing Instructor. “It makes all of us ‘mother hens’ very proud to see our little ‘chicks’ step up and get that pin.”

The tradition of the pinning ceremony dates back to the Crusades when members of the Knight Hospitallers were honored with Maltese crosses after caring for wounded soldiers. Then, in the 1860’s Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, continued the tradition when she decided all nursing students who completed nursing training deserved recognition.

During the ceremony, each graduating nurse received their pin, lit a candle and recited the Nightingale Pledge in honor of Florence Nightingale.

Scotty Gray, RN, a nurse in the Cath Lab at Fairview Park Hospital in Dublin, addressed the graduates and delivered the ceremony address.

Graduating nurses were: AJ Alligood (Davisboro), Kimberly Avilez (Eastman), Jennifer Brack (Dublin), Darah Bush (Dublin), Zactavia Butler (East Dublin), Shena Hamilton (Eastman), Clair Johnson (Kite), Karisia Moring (McRae), Sarah Osburn (Dublin), Letrica Pringle (Dublin), Lauren Singletary (Eastman); Phyllis Swans (East Dublin).

To learn more about OFTC’s Practical Nursing program, visit the OFTC Practical Nursing page on the OFTC website. 

A group photo of OFTC graduating practical nursing students and their instructors.

OFTC graduating practical nursing students and their instructors.
Photo Credit: Brittany Rudd
Back Row L-R: Clair Johnson, Deb Thomsen (Instructor), Kim Avilez, Lauren Singletary, Debbie Roberson (Clinical Instructor), Sarah Osburn, Karisia Moring, Phyllis Swans, Rene Brogdon (Instructor). Front Row L-R: Scotty Gray RN (Speaker), Shena Hamilton, Jennifer Brack, Darah Bush, A J Alligood, Zac Butler, Letrica Pringle, Ranna Weigel (Instructor), Candace Brown (Instructor)