Speaker Myrna Mae White Calls for Unity at South Campus’s Black History Month Event

Dublin native, Myrna Mae White and Director of the Office of Public Affairs at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, was the guest speaker at Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s Black History Month event, Monday, February 13.

Myrna Mae White

Myrna Mae White, Director of the Office of Public Affairs at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, encouraged students during the college’s annual Black History Month Event.

“As an African-American woman born and raised here in Dublin, I’ve had many life lessons,” White shared while reflecting on what she believes to be the keys to success: find a mentor: take the good; discard the bad; increase your emotional intelligence – how you relate to people; strive to make a difference and never settle for mediocrity; failure is just practice – gain great lessons; and visualize success and believe in yourself.

She encouraged students to evaluate their own lives and facilitate change within their own spheres of influence: “I want to make a charge to all of you today. I believe together we can begin the healing that our nation needs – by appreciating the value in each of us,” she said. “Let us make an intentional effort to connect with other races so we can understand one another and embrace our differences. We can come together and work toward healing and I’m excited to see the young people here who are the real change we need.”

In closing, White brought the audience back to their American roots and reminded them of what a

Black History Month Event

Students, faculty and staff attended the Black History Month Event where they listened to guest speaker Myrna Mae White and enjoyed pizza.

privilege it is to be Americans. “We are all one human race,” she said, and “I believe our nation is the best in the universe and we can come together to make a conscious effort to heal. One nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.”

Students enjoyed pizza and were privileged with the opportunity to listen to the speeches of OFTC’s Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) winner, Nathanael Williams, and the Rick Perkins Award (RPA) winner and Instructor of the Year, Kevin Corbin.