Student Success Course

The OFTC Tutoring departing is offering FREE success classes for English and Math. These courses are not mandatory but will help students prepare for the Math and English courses required for graduation.

Instructors will recommend students to sign up for one of these courses after the first week of class, or a student may enroll by calling Ben Mullis at (478) 296-6179. These courses do not cost anything as they are provided as part of the tutoring services offered for free to current students at OFTC. Textbooks will be provided.

2021 Fall Semester Course Schedule

Math Course I

  • North Campus: M/W-1:00PM-2:15PM
  • South Campus: T/TH- 8:00AM-9:15AM

Math Course II

  • North Campus: T/Th- 1:00PM-2:15PM
  • South Campus: T/TH- 9:30AM-10:45AM

English Course I

  • North Campus: M/W- 3:30PM-4:45PM
  • South Campus: T/TH- 1:00PM-2:15PM

English Course II

  • North Campus: M/T- 4:45PM-6:00PM
  • South Campus: M/W- 3:00PM-4:15PM

Writing Workshop with Michael Faulknor (This is a drop-in workshop; no appointment necessary.) 

  • South Campus: M/Tu- 9:30AM-10:45AM, General Education Building, Room # 427