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Blackboard has a new mobile app called Blackboard. The Blackboard mobile app was designed with you in mind and with the intention of providing a more user friendly and modern experience to help you achieve your educational goals.

Key Features of the Bb App

Some of the key features of this student mobile app include:

  • Activity Stream: The majority of the time you spend in the Blackboard mobile app will be spent on the activity stream, the home screen. It represents a “smart view” of prioritized events and actions, and pushes content to you.
  • Course Outline: This provides you with a familiar way of exploring content, quickly accessing information, and identifying the main materials you need to focus on. Content presentation is simple, clean, straightforward, and fun.
  • Test & Quizzes: You are able to view, complete, and submit assignments and tests right in the app. Important note: Tests may not be mobile compatible. Testing options selected by your instructor may prevent testing on the mobile app. Always take exams in the most stable environment possible which may be a computer browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Additionally, your instructor may require you to take exams using the Respondus Lockdown Browser which is not mobile compatible.
  • Grades: Gives you real-time access to your grades in a comprehensive and friendly format, which enables you to quickly identify your academic results and progress in a given class or assignment.
  • Blackboard Collaborate: If you use Blackboard Collaborate for virtual office hours, online classes, or web meetings, you can now join directly from your mobile phone with the Blackboard mobile app.
  • Discussions: You can now participate in discussions from anywhere via your mobile device. You can create new discussion threads, browse and read posts from others, and craft a response.
  • Push Notifications: The Blackboard mobile app will keep you up to date and let you know when a test is coming up or an assignment is overdue. Curious about how you did on your last exam? You’ll also get notifications when new grades are posted.
  • Connecting Cloud Content: Use your cloud-connected accounts including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive to easily submit cloud content for class assignments.
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OFTC does not provide support for setting up or maintaining the Bb Student app and does not guarantee that it will work with all mobile devices.