Steps to Apply for OFTC Dual Enrollment

Complete EACH of the following steps
in order WITHOUT SKIPPING any step to
APPLY for the OFTC Dual Enrollment Program.

Step 1:

Discuss enrollment with high school guidance counselor.   

Step 2:

Meet placement score requirements and submit copy of scores to the OFTC High School Coordinator. 

Placement Score Requirements

FOR Degree Level Core ClassesReadingWritingMath
SAT & PSAT171721

HOPE GPA (after completion of 10th grade): 2.6 or higher

FOR Technical ProgramsReadingWritingMath
SAT & PSAT171518

HOPE GPA (after completion of 10th grade): 2.6 or higher / 2.0-2.59 Workforce Entry Level TCC’s

Step 3:

Submit OFTC Dual Enrollment Admissions Application (paper or online version) by enrollment deadlines:  

  • New Students or first-time users create an OFTC account to complete the application online.  Store account information in a safe place for later use. 
  • Choose the application for Dual Enrollment students, NOT “Beginning Student”.
  • Choose one of the TCC programs from those on the OFTC Dual Enrollment TCC program offerings list for your enrollment application.   

Step 4:

Complete the annual Dual Enrollment funding application online.   

Step 5:

Submit an OFTC Dual Enrollment Academic Acknowledgement Form and Photo Release to your OFTC High School Coordinator either ONLINE or PAPER/PDF:

Step 6:

Complete registration process with your high school counselor and OFTC High School Coordinator. 

Step 7:

Books will be provided by your OFTC High School Coordinator. Some courses may not require a physical textbook but will be available as free online or an e-copy version.