While our campuses will continue to be closed to non-essential personnel and to the public until we see a decline in the spread of the virus or until directed to open the campuses, we are available to help!

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Steps for Dual Enrollment

Step 1: Submit your program ready ACCUPLACER®, SAT, PSAT, ACT, or HOPE GPA* score to the OFTC High School Coordinator.

Step 2: Complete the Dual Enrollment Admissions Application ONLINE or by completing the paper application [PDF].

Step 3: Submit SIGNED OFTC Dual Enrollment Academic Acknowledgement Form and Photo Release to OFTC High School Coordinator.

Step 4: Complete Dual Enrollment financial aid application.

  • Students attending a public or private high school should log into and complete the Dual Enrollment (financial aid) application online. If you do not have a GA Futures account, then you will need to create one.
  • Students attending a home study program must complete the Dual Enrollment paper (financial aid) application and do not need to set up a GA Futures account.

Step 5: Meet with your high school counselor/home school administrator and parent/guardian to discuss which courses you need for Dual Enrollment.

Step 6: Receive acceptance letter/email.

Step 7: Attend orientation and registration session with your OFTC college advisor (information for scheduling will be included in acceptance letter/email) and register for classes.

Step 8: See your OFTC High School Coordinator to get your books for your courses.

*Note: HOPE GPA after completion of 10th grade or high school GPA may be considered for placement.