OFTC’s Bell Pockets Skills in Pursuit of Successful Future

After graduating from high school in 2010, Antonio Bell went to college like many of his classmates. But his head and heart weren’t in it.

He put his education on hold to join the United States Army and served his country for eight years. But after traveling the world, Bell found himself back home, ready to dive into his studies and prepare for a successful future.

Antonio Bell, OFTC Networking Specialist and Cybersecurity graduate, is now taking business management classes so he can open his own business one day.

“I decided to attend OFTC for my education because of the affordable tuition, smaller class sizes, and wide range of technology programs that interested me,” Bell said.

Bell started out in the college’s Networking Specialist program and completed an associate degree; then he moved on and completed an associate degree in Cybersecurity.

“These fields interest me because I am a big fan of technology and what it has to offer,” he said. “I like to challenge myself with smart and innovative ways to improve everything around me.”

But Bell isn’t a ‘program hopper’, there’s just “more I want to learn,” he says. He’s now in his first semester of OFTC’s Business Management Diploma program.

“My goals are to start my own business in networking and cybersecurity,” Bell shared. “So, I’m taking these business management classes because I know these concepts are going to help me learn how to be successful, efficient, and effective.”

With two programs under his belt, Bell said he’s confident the knowledge and skills he’s learned at OFTC will help him be successful.

“The courses at OFTC are set up to give students a simulation of real-world settings, so students are prepared for what they will see in-field and know how to respond to issues,” Bell said.

Without a doubt, Bell feels academically prepared for his future. But what he’s received from OFTC has been more than academic; the care he’s seen from OFTC’s faculty and staff has left a genuine impression. “I like the fact that if you need help with anything, there is someone waiting to point you in the right direction,” he shared.

“Also, I like the camaraderie that comes with being a student at OFTC,” he added. “Some of the relationships I’ve formed with instructors, students, and staff will always play a huge part in my development. OFTC is my family.”

Even though it’s taken him longer than originally planned, Bell believes his life, including his education, has played out exactly how it was meant to. “For people who are looking to better themselves with anything in life, whether it be school, work, or life, they should never let anything or anybody put a timeline on their success,” he said.

“If anyone is looking for quality education, affordable tuition, flexible class options and highly trained instructors, OFTC is the place you need to be in,” he added.

For more info about OFTC’s 140+ programs of study, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu.