OFTC’s Barlow Lands Teaching Job at SWLE

After coaching his children’s sports teams at the local recreation department Tim Barlow realized his love for teaching children about sports and decided it was time for a new career.

“I’ve always been interested in teaching children,” Barlow said, “especially in physical education.” So, after years in the military and working in a local factory Barlow signed up for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) classes at Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) in Dublin.

Barlow completed his ECCE diploma in the fall of 2016 and is on track to graduating with his associate’s degree by the end of 2018.

Hoping this career will allow him to impact young children’s lives, Barlow reflected on his own elementary school physical education teacher who left a lasting impression on his life. “He was a great role model for all the students in my school and I hope that I can become a great role model for all the students that don’t have one in their life,” he said.

Attending the classes at OFTC has been a great decision, Barlow shared. “As a male, it has helped me be more confident in myself. I’ve also learned some great lessons like how all children learn differently and how you have to adjust to them,” he said.

Last year Barlow landed a job as a substitute teacher for Southwest Laurens Elementary School after completing his internship there and was then offered a full-time position as a paraprofessional in a kindergarten classroom.

“My experience at Southwest Laurens has been amazing,” Barlow said. “The teachers and staff have been wonderful to me; There are not enough words to express how great they are.”

Only a few months into his new career Barlow senses he’s making an impact and says the best thing about his job is “knowing that I’m making a difference in children’s lives.”

After he completes his associate’s degree Barlow plans to continue his education and hopes to become a physical education teacher. But wherever his path leads, Barlow’s work ethic and genuine desire to invest into the lives of children will set him up for success.

“Tim is a very hard worker with a desire to help others especially children,” shared OFTC ECCE Instructor Gail Clark. “He exhibits excellent work ethics that make him a very desirable employee. He gets along well with his classmates, is respectful of others, and does excellent work.”

To learn more about OFTC or the ECCE program, visit the college website at OFTC.edu.

Tim Barlow and SWLE School principal, Dr. Aurelia Tippett.

Tim Barlow and SWLE School principal, Dr. Aurelia Tippett.