OFTC Welders Begin Career at Local 150

Phillip Morris, James Brown, and Earnest Hatcher enrolled in Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) Welding Program with the hopes of obtaining skills which would lead to a rewarding career; and they were not disappointed. Upon graduation, all three were offered jobs at Local 150 Steamfitters Union in Augusta.

“The partnership with Local 150 started four years ago,” shared Tony Simmons, OFTC Welding Instructor. “After taking my students on a field trip to the Local 150 training facility in Augusta and seeing how similar their curriculum was to the curriculum taught at OFTC, I invited the Center Director to Sandersville to see what we were doing.”

It was out of that visit that OFTC’s first welding graduate was recruited for employment at Local 150. Since then, six OFTC graduates have followed suit and are working for Local 150.

High Quality Program, High Quality Graduates

The program’s reputation continues as local industries continue to partner with OFTC in hiring skilled employees. “They are aware of the quality of the program and the quality of the graduates we produce,” Simmons said.

Students are also aware of the quality of the program at OFTC. “I chose to pursue welding at OFTC because my friend and the local 150 Welders Union said that OFTC has the best welding program in the state of Georgia,” Hatcher said. And after going through the program himself, he believes it to be true. “If you want to become a great welder and make good money, join OFTC. They have the best teacher and the best welding program that can prepare you to become a great welder.”

After going through the program and landing a job, Hatcher knows he’s ready to work because he’s been equipped for a great career. “They prepared me by giving me the training that I need and a good work ethic.  Local 150 only recruits the best and now I am one of them thanks to OFTC.”

And Hatcher isn’t alone in his praises of the program; his fellow classmates and now workmates agree. “The program prepared me for the type of welding they are doing at Local 150 Union,” Brown said, “and now I’m ready to really put my skills to the test and also make some money.”

Morris agreed and shared how he’s seen his hard work pay off: “I worked day-in and day-out on honing my skills at becoming a welder at Local 150 Union,” Morris said, “and now I’m ready to go after this dream. If you have dreams, OFTC is a great place to start.”

The job of a code quality welder is no easy task and Simmons is proud of the effort and determination these three students have shown.  “These three have performed exceptionally well in the classroom and in the lab. They set goals for themselves and worked hard to achieve them; that’s what has gotten each of them where they are today. I know they will do well.”

For more info about OFTC or the Welding program, visit OFTC.edu.

OFTC Welding students

These three OFTC Welding Students: Phillip Morris, James Brown, and Ernest Hatcher, were hired by Local 150 in Augusta.