OFTC Offers No Application Fees for Summer 

Oconee Fall Line Technical College is ready to prepare the next generation of nurses, radiology techs, respiratory therapists and other first responders – people needed now for the response to the COVID19 crisis. 
“Locally, many of these heroes are OFTC graduates,” college officials said in a statement. “In addition to health care heroes, manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge to meet supply needs at a faster pace than ever before.”
Careers in welding, precision manufacturing, industrial systems and mechatronics are vital to communities and nation, college officials said, adding, “They are also heroes.”
In response to this crisis, OFTC will not be charging an application fee for summer or fall semesters to help people seeking to be tomorrow’s hero or for those who may have found themselves unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
When people apply online, their application fee will be waived. Summer semester begins June 1. 
“Those who have found themselves unemployed at this time could possibly qualify for the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act,” college officials said. “The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market, and to match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete. WIOA offers financial support services with items such as tuition, books, uniforms, immunization and other required program costs specific to your chosen program.”
Programs covered under WIOA are specific to each Georgia region and can be accessed by visiting www.worksourcegaportal.com and search for “Oconee Fall Line” under “Training Providers.”
OFTC also has 75 programs across 17 industries that qualify for the HOPE Career Grant. Many of the essential careers that are in-demand right now such as welding, practical nursing, industrial systems, precision manufacturing and mechatronics qualify for the HOPE Career Grant. Students enrolled in the programs could qualify for additional money to help pay for college.
Admission requirements to enter OFTC have been made a little easier in the wake of the nation’s COVID-19 pandemic. The Technical College System of Georgia has provided all TCSG colleges the leeway to admit students for summer semester using a variety of methods that do not include placement testing (use of Accuplacer) or the submission of ACT or SAT scores, as well as the ability to accept unofficial transcripts, college officials said.
The suspension of the requirements for official high school or high school equivalency transcripts for admission to OFTC allows applicants who wish to begin this summer the ability to continue their admission process. In the interim, students may submit unofficial transcripts until the colleges resume normal business operations. The students will then have the ability to submit official documents to the college without affecting their current enrollment.
Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) is currently open during normal business hours through virtual methods, while remaining physically closed to the public. Information on summer semester, new programs, the HOPE Career Grant or Free Application Week can be found online at www.OFTC.edu; click on the apply button and follow the directions. 

Any questions, email admissions@oftc.edu and someone will respond.