OFTC Hosts 1st ADN Bridge Program Pinning Ceremony

Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) hosted their inaugural pinning ceremony for their first-ever cohort of Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Bridge Program graduates, Thursday, August 1. 

OFTC’s ADN Bridge program began in August 2018 and allows licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and paramedics who have at least one-year in-field experience to obtain certification to become Registered Nurses (RN). 

Forty ADN graduates received their nursing pins, signifying the RN student’s completion of their educational requirements which enables them to apply and take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).  

“I am very proud of these students,” shared Marla Johnson, OFTC’s ADN Bridge-Nurse Administrator. “Many are non-traditional students who returned to school while working and caring for their families. They have a vested interest in success, and it has shown through their hard work and dedication throughout the program. I am proud to call them my colleagues!” 

The tradition of the pinning ceremony dates to the Crusades when members of the Knight Hospitallers were honored with Maltese crosses after caring for wounded soldiers. Then in the 1860’s Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, continued the tradition when she decided all nursing students who completed nursing training deserved recognition. 

During the ceremony each student received their official nursing pin, officially welcoming them into the RN family. 

Margie Johnson, a retired Professor Emerita from Georgia College and State University, served as keynote speaker and congratulated the students on their hard work and accomplishments. Johnson reflected on three guidelines she learned throughout her nursing career and encouraged the graduates in the same. 

“First, have a compassionate career,” she said. “Remember, you are given the privilege to serve those individuals at their most vulnerable state. The second is leadership. Being a leader is another responsibility of being an R.N. And third is education. Although your time may be limited, make patient education a must.” 

“And while juggling all these hats,” she continued, “don’t forget to take time for yourself and your family. If we don’t maintain our bodies and minds in good health, how can we possibly offer our patients and families the support and care they need?” 

Participating ADN students were:  

Allison Smith, Cadwell 

Amanda Fields, Hillsboro 

Amy Glover, Milledgeville 

Anthony Meriwether, Snellville 

Ariel Hubbard, Mitchell 

Ashley Paige Outlaw, Dublin 

Ashley Segars, Greensboro 

Austin Nation, Covington 

Autumn Gilmer, Gibson 

Brandon Compton, Augusta 

Brandy Wilson, Waynesboro 

Catherine Hardy, Eastman 

Chandra Raab, Loganville 

Cody Taylor, Martinez 

Cora Goss, Augusta 

Daphne Farley, Sparta 

Derrick Bozeman, Nicholson 

Dora Kate Pope, Dublin 

Doriann Dye, Mitchell 

Elizabeth Cannady, Lyons 

Emily Parrish, Evans 

Fabian Hood, Sandersville 

Fritzvin Sales, Hephzibah 

Kaitlin Sanders, Davisboro 

Kelly Edwards, Valdosta 

Kristen Hobin, Danielsville 

Kristy Garner, Harlem 

Lakearth Johnson, Savannah 

Latonya Elam, Harrison 

Laura Crosby, Cochran 

Lindsay Branyon, Eatonton 

Lynn McDonald, Tennille 

Olivia Hay, Cadwell 

Paige Brantley, East Dublin 

Rene Russell, Savannah 

Robert Solomon, Danielsville 

Sarah Edge, East Dublin 

Sharla Charles, Monroe 

Shelley Glover, Sandersville 

Tuyetlinh Phung-Vu, Haddock 

For more info about OFTC’s Nursing programs, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu.

OFTC's 2019 ADN Bridge Program graduates.

OFTC’s 2019 ADN Bridge Program graduates.