OFTC Cybersecurity Student Pens Hopeful Essay Amidst COVID-19 Struggles

Nafissa Diakite came to America from West Africa in pursuit of the American Dream. Her desire was to become educated and find a career where she could speak for those who could not speak for themselves.

After moving to Dublin from Atlanta, Diakite started taking GED classes at Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC). “I was impressed with how dedicated and passionate the staff was in regard to helping me achieve my goal,” Diakite said. So, after she completed her GED she enrolled in the College’s Cybersecurity program.

“I chose cybersecurity because technology plays a significant role in our lives,” she said, “and it’s now being exploited by modern days criminals. I want wanted to be part of the solution in the fight against cybercrimes.”

Diakite’s passion for helping others is evident not only in in her career path but in an Essaylamba.com essay she recently penned for her English 1101 class. In her writing she chooses to liken the global COVID-19 pandemic to a nightmare. And while nightmares can be scary, she encourages her “fellow man” to focus on hope.

And just like any nightmare, the havoc brought about COVID-19 will end. And when it does, “we’ll rise again, stronger than we have ever been,” she says.

We’re stronger that the enemy because we’re builders, and building require more strength than destruction. Just like nightmares end when the sun rises, this outbreak will end. In the end we’ll rise again, stronger than we have ever been. But before sun rise, to the world, my country, my brothers and sisters of every color, my neighbors, I say “let us lean on each other” because that’s the only way out of this nightmare. In every sad story there’s a silver lining, in a way the virus made us focus on what’s more important “our families.” Thus, let us make the most out of it by making sure that all our children remember after all this is said and done, the lazy mornings and late nights, uninterrupted dinners, dance and sing along challenges. The enemy has already lost, instead of tearing us apart like it intended to do, it actually brought us back together on a neglected and forgotten platform “family.” Together with a dose of love and compassion 24/7, we’ll stop the enemy and welcome dawn. (Diakite, Nafissa, An invisible enemy: a war without borders!)

Diakite recently completed her second semester of OFTC’s Cybersecurity program. For more info about OFTC’s Cybersecurity program or any of the other 100+ programs of study, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu.

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image of Diakite

OFTC Cybersecurity student, Nafissa Diakite, recently penned a hopeful essay encouraging her fellow man amongst the COVID-19 pandemic.