OFTC Community Chooses Name for College Mascot 

When Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) announced their new college mascot, its campuses began to buzz with ideas of what the owl should be called. 

The students submitted names to be considered and the top three were chosen by college leadership: Ollie, Oliver or Hootie.  

Then, the entire OFTC community voted, bringing in a total of 742 total votes.  


OFTC’s new owl mascot officially has a name – Ollie! 

The college would like to thank all the students, employees and community members who participated in choosing the official name of OFTC’s college mascot. Go owls!  

Why the Owl?  

OFTC students are diverse, insightful, focused, strong, and powerful – and it is these traits that gave rise to the inspiration of the owl who also exhibits these traits to be chosen to represent OFTC and its students.  


There are more than 200 species of owls; and like the owl, OFTC students are a diverse group of  individuals, spanning all age groups, coming from a variety of Georgia counties, and pursuing a  wide range of specialty skills in over 140 programs of study.   

Impeccable Vision  

Owls are known for their impeccable sight, and OFTC students have the vision to see and  recognize the value and advantage of an education that’s affordable, flexible, and close to  home.   

Flawless Hearing  

The owl’s hearing is essential to its environmental success. As owls hunt, their keen sense of  hearing guides and directs their efforts. Similarly, OFTC students are focused on their future,  remaining steadfast until they’ve completed their program of study and confidently enter the  workforce.   

Strong Grip  

Just like the owl’s strong grip, OFTC students are determined and possess the strength to never  to give up. They have an accurate grasp on reality and understand what they need to be  successful. Their strength propels them to thrive despite life’s circumstances, doing whatever it  takes to persevere.  

Large Wings  

Owls possess large wings which enable them to be powerful, silent flyers. Likewise, OFTC students often carry the weight of their future, and often their family’s future, on their shoulders yet never complain.  

For more info about OFTC or the College’s 140+ programs of study, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu