OFTC Announces Merger of North & South Foundations

OFTC foundation logo for merger

Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) recently announced the merger of its two foundations into one OFTC Foundation, effective July 1.

When the former Heart of Georgia Technical Institute and Sandersville Regional Technical College merged in 2011 to become OFTC, both foundation trustees felt it was in the best interest of their communities to remain separate.  

Now, 10 years later, the OFTC Foundation North and the OFTC Foundation South prepare to merge and become one cohesive OFTC Foundation.  

“As the college moved forward as a merged institution it became obvious that maintaining two foundations was very confusing to students, the community, and employees,” shared OFTC Executive Director for Institutional Advancement, Kathy Aaron. 

So, the trustees for both organizations began serious talks of a merger in 2018 and have exercised due diligence to ensure the merger is handled properly and is the best decision for the individual entities, OFTC, the communities served and the students.  

“With the merger, students and faculty will not have to wonder which foundation they are giving to or receiving resources from,” shared Kathryn Willcox, current President of OFTC’s Foundation South. “It clears up the confusion by having one unified foundation.”  

“We feel that merging the foundations into one promotes unified support of OFTC, eliminates redundancy, simplifies the communication channels for those served by the foundations, reduces operating costs and allows us to better utilize available resources to support our mission,” added Jeff Brown, Chairman of OFTC’s Foundation North.  

Despite the merger of the two foundations into one, the mission of the OFTC Foundation will remain the same. “We’ll be able to combine minds and resources to better serve the students and faculty of OFTC,” Willcox said.  

And most of all, merging the two foundations into one means all sense of division in the college will disappear, Aaron added. “Access to one foundation will be seamless and there will be no more trying to determine which foundation supports which county. One foundation will serve all 11 counties for OFTC.”  

“We could not be more thrilled to move in this direction at this time,” shared OFTC President, Erica Harden. “Through the merger of the two foundations into one, we truly believe we’ll be able to better serve our students and communities which is reason enough to be excited about the future of the OFTC Foundation.”  

For more info on the OFTC Foundation, contact Kathy Aaron at kaaron@oftc.edu or 478-553-2148. To learn more about OFTC’s 140+ programs of study, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu