Norman Gyamfi Challenges OFTC Students to Embrace their Purpose with Faith 

Norman Gyamfi addressed students during OFTC’s Black History Month event in Dublin, Monday, February 28.

Norman Gyamfi served as guest speaker during Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) Black History Month event in Dublin, Monday, February 28.  

Gyamfi is an entrepreneur, engineer and economist and the founder and owner of several companies including Undivided Entertainment, Undivided Touring, Tribl Records, Doxology Creative and Maverick City Music. He specializes in production, digital marketing, and business development with clients including BET, TV One, Lifetime, OWN, My Block Records, and Relevé Entertainment. 

“I want to speak to you today about finding your purpose and having faith,” he said. “The thing I want everyone to take away from today is this – your purpose is not locked away. Your destiny isn’t something unattainable. Where you are today is just the beginning and what you are seeking is worth it. Just keep going.”  

While his resume is impressive, Gyamfi emphasized there is a lot about his life not included.  

“No one makes it without the support of everyone,” he said. “It takes truth, accountability, friends, family… it takes everyone for one person to succeed. No one is self-made and that includes me.”  

Gyamfi shared stories of personal life experiences, emphasizing the transformation that took place when he finally surrendered to God’s call on his life.  

“My purpose was attached to my yes to serving God,” Gyamfi shared. “I walked away from what the world called success to unknowingly pursue God’s purpose for my life. I was more successful in that moment than I’ve ever been in my life because in that moment I knew the answer to this question, ‘Am I in God’s perfect will,’ and the answer was, ‘absolutely.’” 

Because of those experiences, Gyamfi encouraged his listeners to view themselves as works in progress rather than completed works, and to let that motivate them to pursue their purpose unabandoned.

At the conclusion of his speech, OFTC's President, Erica Harden, VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Saketha Adams, and OFTC Machine Tool Instructor, Jeff Frady, presented Norman Gyamfi with a gift made by OFTC's Machine Tool Program - a display of his company's logo - 'Undivided.'
At the conclusion of his speech, OFTC’s President, Erica Harden, VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Saketha Adams, and OFTC Machine Tool Instructor, Jeff Frady, presented Norman Gyamfi with a gift made by OFTC’s Machine Tool Program – a display of his company’s logo – ‘Undivided.’

“Many of you may find yourself today not where you thought you would be,” he said. “But let me remind you that a race is not how you start, it’s about how you consistently put your foot down every day and keep moving toward the target.”  

He challenged his listeners to embrace their purpose, and to write their own legacy.  

“This process that we all go through – life –it’s a journey that we need to go through to get to our destiny,” he said. “Destiny is the purpose of which you live life for. I don’t live life to make a lot of money, I live life to pursue a purpose for why God placed me here.” 

This process takes time, Gyamfi added, stating that saying ‘yes’ to God doesn’t instantly mean you’ll find success. “Don’t give up because the circumstances around you don’t look like what you want them to,” he said. “You’re not going to be perfect all the time. Just be consistent. God will take care of it His way and in His timing.”  

Encouraging his audience to embrace their callings with faith, Gyamfi reminded them of the blessings that can come when one’s patient. “I am here to say – you don’t have to quit. Don’t stop and keep pushing because someone needs you. There’s someone on the other side of your yes counting on you.”  

“I want all of you to know God changed my life,” he added. “I pray that any one of you doubting where you are or where you’re going, that this message inspires you to go after whatever God has for you.” 

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Gyamfi spoke at the college’s Black History Month Program in Sandersville on February 9 and announced a $100,000 scholarship in honor of his grandmother, Katie Smith Poole, who served on the college’s first board of directors in Sandersville in 1995.


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