JCHS Students to Earn CNA Credentials through OFTC’s dual enrollment

Local high school students in Jefferson County are taking advantage of dual enrollment classes offered through Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC).

While there are a number of dual enrollment courses available to students, this group is well on their way to becoming Certified Nurse Aides.

The students started classes in the fall and are completing the required courses in OFTC’s Nurse Aide Technical Certificate of Credit program like: Introduction to Healthcare, Diet and Nutrition, Medical Terminology, and Nurse Aide Fundamentals.

At the end of the traditional school year, students who successfully complete these classes will be eligible to sit for the National Nurse Aide Assessment program (NNAAP) which determines competency to become enrolled in the State nurse aide registry.

Denija Smith, senior at Jefferson County High School & OFTC Nurse Aide student through dual enrollment.
Denija Smith

Not only will these students have the opportunity to become licensed CNA’s before completing high school, but they also receive dual credit for both high school and college, saving time and money.

The experience of being dually enrolled in high school and college also prepares students for life after high school and equips them for success whether in the college classroom or the workforce.

For more info about OFTC’s dual enrollment opportunities, visit the Colleges website, OFTC.edu.

“The thing I like most about dual enrollment classes at OFTC is the opportunity I’ve had to make new friendships. Half of the students I take OFTC classes with barely even knew me, but now we’ve created a close bond. I like taking Nurse Aide classes because it feels like I’m one step ahead of the goal I’m trying to reach. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to take Nurse Aide classes through dual enrollment at OFTC.” – Denija Smith, senior at Jefferson County High School

Kelsey Lafavor, junior at Jefferson County High School & OFTC Nurse Aide student through dual enrollment.
Kelsey Lafavor

“Dual enrollment is the most amazing thing to come into the school system. Being a dual enrolled student in OFTC’s Nurse Aide program has taught me so much about the nursing field and it has been an honor to have an opportunity to participate in a program that’s training me for a career I can see myself doing a few years from now.” – Kelsey Lafavor, junior, Jefferson County High School