Information Directory

Effective during closure. Our campuses will continue to be closed to non-essential personnel and to the public until we see a decline in the spread of the virus or until directed to open the campuses.

WE ARE OPEN and available to help you by phone and email:
Monday – Thursday: 8AM-5:30PM and
Fridays from 8AM-1PM.

Department Phone Numbers

Department Phone / Email
Academic Affairs

(Please address questions to the person listed by division.)

Administration Ph: 478-232-7240
Admissions Ph: 478-553-2064
Ph: 478-296-6143
Adult Education & Classes Ph: 478-357-0802
AHA Community Training Center Email: Katrina Veal
GED Testing Ph: 478-357-0802
Assessment Center Ph: 478-274-7786 (Dublin)
Ph: 478-553-2093 (Sandersville)
Bookstore Ph: 478-232-7240
Business Office Ph: 478-232-7240
Business & Industry Ph: 478-232-7248
Email: Kim David
CDL License Exam Email: Michele Strickland
Commercial Truck Driving Email: Michele Strickland
Continuing Education Email: Roger Byrd
Disability Services Ph: 478-274-7643
Dual Enrollment Program Ph: 478-274-7765 (South)

Ph: 478-553-2098 (North)
Fee Payment Ph: 478-232-7240
Facilities / Maintenance Ph: 478-274-7871
Financial Aid Ph: 478-553-2090
Ph: 478-274-7833
Foundations Ph: 478-232-2983
Email: Kathy Aaron
High School Coordinators Ph: 478-274-7765 (South)

Ph: 478-553-2098 (North)
Human Resources Ph: 478-553-2059
Information Technology Ph: 478-553-2069
Marketing / Media / Press Email:
Online Learning Email: Sherry Yearty
President’s Office Email: Dale Anderson
Registration Ph: 478-240-5161
Registrar’s Office (Records) Ph: 478-240-5161
Safety / Security Office Ph: 478-274-7871
Safety Training (MSHA) Ph: 478-553-2149 or 478-553-2054
Email: Barry Mixon
Student Affairs Ph: 478-274-7879
Student Records / Registrar Ph: 478-274-7761

Conference Center Phone Numbers

Department Phone / Email
Porter Center (Dublin) Ph: 478-274-7770
Email: Shalesta Sanders
Tarbutton Center
Ph: 478-553-2111
Email: Tanya Jolley