HS Senior Noah Brack Expected to Graduate with Associate Degree from OFTC

In June, Noah Brack will walk across the stage to receive his Associate of Applied Science Degree in Precision Machining and Manufacturing from Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC), just weeks after completing high school.

Brack started taking dual enrolment classes at OFTC when he was in tenth grade. “My main interest in OFTC came from the hands-on learning available in the trades and industrial classes,” Brack shared. “I have always loved to build things and work with my hands.”

Not knowing much about the machine tool trade, Brack was encouraged by his dad to learn more about it. “The Machine Tool Program sounded interesting, so I talked with Mr. David Hall, the Machine Tool Technology instructor; I was impressed by the looks and workings of the machines, so I signed up.

Brack takes classes at OFTC on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and completes his homeschool coursework on other days. “Homeschooling isn’t easy,” Brack shared. “Since starting dual enrollment classes at OFTC my biggest challenge has been adjusting to the schedule and learning that to get some things done you have to sacrifice time doing what you want to do.”

“Although learning to give up some of my free time so I could focus on my college classes was challenging,” he added, “I’m glad it was something I overcame.”

Embracing Opportunity

As a homeschooler, Brack has fully embraced the opportunity to get ahead in his schooling. While he plans to attend a four-year university and study Mechanical Engineering in August, he firmly believes his time at OFTC will help him succeed.

“I believe the skills I have learned at OFTC will help me not only in furthering my education and my future career but also in life in general,” he said. “My time at OFTC has taught me the skills of my trade and professionalism and time management skills.”

While Brack has enjoyed learning a new skill, his overall experience at OFTC has been nothing but positive. “My experience at OFTC has been wonderful so far,” he shared. “OFTC has a hometown feel but there is still a professional atmosphere and I’ve really enjoyed the combination of both.”

His instructors have played a major role in his success, according to Brack. “I enjoy the fact that with every class I complete, I am one more step ahead; also, the willingness of the teachers who have been willing to help me succeed at OFTC have made such a difference in my experience.”

And based that experience, Brack said he want’s others to embrace the opportunities OFTC has to offer.

“I want other people to know that just because OFTC is a technical college, they should not undervalue the education they can receive here. Some people think that in order to be successful you must go away to college, but the graduates of OFTC go on to get good jobs and live successful lives for less money and in half the time.”

And with 54 credit-hours under his belt, Brack can speak from personal experience about the advantages and value of taking dual enrollment classes during high school. “It introduces you to the college atmosphere and helps you save money coming out of high school. I am so thankful I took advantage of the opportunity to take dual enrollment classes at OFTC.”

For more info about OFTC’s dual enrollment program or machine tool classes, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu.

Noah Brack, a homeschooled high school senior, is expected to graduate from OFTC in June with an associate degree. Brack sitting at table in library smiling.

Noah Brack, a homeschooled high school senior, is expected to graduate from OFTC in June with an associate degree.