Fatoumata Diallo is Ready to Join the Fight Against Cyber Crimes

Most high school juniors begin the 11th grade with the excitement of nearing the completion of their high school career.

But Fatoumata Diallo’s story is a little different.

As she began the 11th grade, she’d recently moved to America from Mali, West Africa.

“I remember it like it was yesterday, the day I had to leave my country and come to America,” Diallo shared.

“I left all my family except a few who lived in the US and it was really hard for me. It was like I restarted my whole life.”

Diallo persevered with her family’s help, including her mother who attended Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) to obtain her high school equivalency diploma.

After graduating high school in May of 2019, Diallo decided to attend OFTC like her mom.

“I chose OFTC because it’s a wonderful college and the administrators are very helpful and caring,” she said.

“The cost of attending OFTC isn’t as high and the hands-on activities make it easy to comprehend the work.”

She chose to enroll in OFTC’s cybersecurity program due to the growth of this promising field and her desire to “be in the fight against computer crimes.”

“Cybersecurity is a dynamic and attracting field,” Diallo said.

“The internet touches almost all aspects of our daily life and cybersecurity plays an essential role in ensuring online safety and the safety of essential systems that support our daily lives.”

A Caring & Supportive College for Diallo

Diallo is one semester away from graduating and is still impressed with OFTC.

“The teachers are really caring and make you feel like they are always here for you,” she said. “One of the best attributes of OFTC is how kind and supportive everyone is. Throughout my time here people have always been kind and helpful to me with everything that I needed.”

“OFTC treats its students like family instead of numbers,” she added.

Unlike many colleges, OFTC is also affordable thanks to low tuition and scholarships and grants like Georgia’s Hope Career Grant which offers free tuition in more than 70 OFTC programs, Diallo shared. “Many people want to further their education but can’t because college and higher learning is very expensive.”

Thankful for the opportunity she’s had to further her education, Diallo is ready to pursue her future. After graduation in May she plans to obtain employment in the cybersecurity field while also continuing her education.

“I am thankful to have had the opportunity to attend OFTC,” Diallo said. “It’s a fantastic and peaceful school and they want their students to be successful in their careers.”

For more info about OFTC’s Cybersecurity Program, or their 140+ programs of study, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu.