Faculty Spotlight: Lauren Poss

Ever since her college English instructor encouraged her to pursue a career as a teacher, Lauren Poss has loved every minute of teaching as a faculty member and working with students to help them discover they are capable of more than they think.

A native to Sandersville, Poss has taught English at Oconee Fall Line Technical College since 2006. And despite relocating with her family to Loganville in 2015, she’s remained an online instructor thanks to the beneficial advancements in technology.

We recently sat down with Poss to get an inside look at why she loves teaching at OFTC. Check out her interview below!

Q: What program(s) or classes do you teach at OFTC?  
A: I teach ENGL1010, ENGL1101, ENGL1102 and ENGL2130 in both online and Dual Enrollment format).

Q: Which campuses do you teach on?  
A: At this point, I teach 100% online and use Blackboard Collaborate technology, an audio/video tool, to hold “live” classes with Dual Enrollment. I also use Blackboard Collaborate technology to hold “real time” office hours. In the past, I have taught online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses.

Q: What is your background in this field? 
A: Following college graduation, I taught two years at Baldwin High School before beginning work at OFTC. I hold a BA and an MA in English from Georgia Southern University. I also completed my Reading Endorsement through Georgia Southern University.

Q: Why is teaching something you decided to do?  
A: In college, a teacher once told our class “If you truly love language and literature and you long for a life filled with books and learning, become a teacher.” I took her advice!

Q: What do you love most about teaching English? 
A: Can I say everything? From learning how to build a concise paragraph in 1010 to working with research in 1101 to fully analyzing literature in 2130, every part of the writing, research, and analysis process in terms of language and literature is a joy to explore for the first time with my students.

Q: Many students dread the reading and writing that comes with a college English class. What encouragement would you give to someone for how these disciplines can help them in their future careers?  
A: So many students begin class with the stance “I’m just not good at ________”. I love that moment when they realize that writing, research, and analysis is something that they can not only accomplish but can accomplish well.

Q: What do you love most about OFTC?
A: OFTC is truly a student-centered technical college. I love that working at OFTC means that the students and their learning come first.

Q: What are some of the benefits and disciplines a student can learn from taking an English class? 
A: There are so many benefits in terms of the ability to communicate well via the written and spoken word. Communication is key to each and every profession, and the ability to communicate effectively is such an important skill.

Q: Being an English teacher, you have the opportunity to work with students who go into many different programs. What is it like seeing students who have been through one of your classes graduate from their program of study?  
A: Exciting for me and empowering for the students! To see my students work so hard toward and eventually attain their goals is truly the best part of my profession.

Q: What is the best part about working with students? 
A: The fact that they constantly push me to better myself as a teacher. Each course and each new group of students opens my eyes to new and better ways to share and discuss information.

Q: When your students leave your class, what do you hope to leave with them? 
A: Confidence in their abilities in terms of the subject and content matter. No more saying “I’m just not good at ____________.”

Q: What do you hope for your students when they graduate?  
A: The attainment of all things hoped for.

To learn more about programs at OFTC, visit the college website at OFTC.edu.

Lauren Poss is a faculty member at OFTC who has taught English to students since 2006.

Lauren Poss is a faculty member at OFTC who has taught English to students since 2006.