Veterans Connection Group (Dublin/Sandersville)

Location: Sandersville, Fall Line Patio (weather permitting); Dublin, Stewart, 112.

The OFTC Veterans Connections Group meets on a regular basis to help Veterans acclimate to college life, provide information regarding services available to them on and off campus, provide a support group, and promote awareness of Veteran students to the campus community. Meeting dates and locations each semester are emailed to students. All OFTC students and employees who are Veterans are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact:

    • DUBLIN CAMPUS: Janet Smith, Stewart Bldg. Room 112, Phone (478) 274-7836 or
    • SANDERSVILLE CAMPUS: Susan Hammock, Room 202A, Phone (478) 240-5162 or


Sandersville Location: Alternate location for inclement weather, Student Center.