Electronics & Mechatronics Students Receive Free Access to Amatrol eLearning Curriculum

Students taking Mechatronics and Electronics classes at Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) will save hundreds of dollars throughout the course of their program thanks to the Technical College System of Georgia’s (TCSG) agreement to provide access to world-class online Amatrol curriculum to all TCSG Colleges.

 Amatrol is a company which manufactures industrial trainers using components utilized by specific trades and develops curriculum that can accompany the trainer or be utilized as a stand-alone resource.

Their online curriculum component includes most concepts taught in relation to the industrial trades and manufacturing sectors, including coursework and equipment directly related to concepts taught in OFTC’s Mechatronics and Electronics programs, including: DC & AC Electricity, Motor Controls, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Process Control, Programmable Logic Controllers and Robotics.

Recognizing the benefits of having access to this type of learning, OFTC’s Mechatronics and Electronics instructor, Lee Radney, implemented Amatrol’s online curriculum into the two programs in 2018, but students had to pay for it.

Now that TCSG is offering use of the curriculum to its colleges, OFTC students will no longer carry the weight of paying the $150 per semester license fee to benefit from this training.

“We utilize many Amatrol trainers in our labs,” Radney said. “The TCSG’s purchase of this curriculum provides us carte blanche access to every online curriculum offered by Amatrol. All of this curriculum is accessible online, and many include state of the art multimedia and animation to help students in visualizing concepts right on their screens.”

Benefits of utilizing this online training in the classroom is two-fold, Radney added. “The multimedia curriculum allows the student the ability to access this content anywhere, at any time,” he said. “This reduces the contact hours and allows the student more lab time to focus on the hands-on. It also mirrors the very equipment they will be working with as they train in-field.”

Amatrol also constantly updates their curriculum which allows students to have access to training that is not only robust but maintained.

“This is a win-win,” Radney said. “We want to minimize the cost for our students, and we try to do this while maintaining high standards of resources. And thanks to TCSG recognizing its value and purchasing this material, we get both.” For more info about OFTC’s Electronics or Mechatronics programs, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu.

OFTC students now have access to world-class online Amatrol eLearning curriculum for free thanks to the TCSG. Student working on computer.
OFTC students now have access to world-class online Amatrol eLearning curriculum for free thanks to the TCSG.