Electrician Chris Wilson Embraces Business Management Career

OFTC Business Management student, Chris Wilson

It was a ninety-degree day in Indiana when Chris Wilson realized he didn’t want to dig through gravel and install underground electrical conduits for the rest of his working-life.

An electrician by trade, Wilson was proud of his skill but he wanted to do more.

“It was right then and there that I realized I needed a different plan,” Wilson shared. “After discussing it with my wife, I quit my job and embarked on a personal journey to find a different future.”

That future led him to Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC).

Leveraging His Skills

Wilson moved to Dublin with his family and that’s when he learned of the Business Management program at OFTC.

“I decided to pursue a business degree because I was ready to get out of the field and into the office where I can influence change and increase my earning potential,” Wilson said. “I plan to leverage my previous skills as a professional electrician with my new education to find a management position and be able to influence change.”

When he started taking classes, Wilson found small class sizes and instructors “who are engaged and invested in the students’ educational goals.”

“I think technical education like OFTC is an affordable way to get a relevant education,” he added. “One of the biggest reasons I chose OFTC was because of the relatively low tuition combined with offering many different grants and scholarships.”

Trusting His Training

As an Airborne Army Veteran, Wilson is using the skills he learned in the service to confidently face his future.

“It can be scary to change your life’s direction,” he said. “It takes discipline, determination, hard work and no small amount of faith in yourself. The first time I jumped out of an airplane I was terrified – it was a literal leap of faith; faith that my training would take over and I would react automatically, faith that my equipment would not fail, faith that my feet would find the ground safely.”

Deciding to go back to school was another leap of faith for Wilson; but just like his last leap, he’s confident his training will see him through and he’ll be equipped with the skills to enter a thriving career.

“I know the hands-on experience I’m receiving in my business classes are equipping me with the knowledge I need to be successful in any management endeavor I undertake,” Wilson said. “The information presented in my classes is relevant and current and I believe I am more than prepared to start my new career.”

At forty years old, Wilson is embracing his education and says, “a person is never too old to learn something new.”

“An education from OFTC is the perfect choice for those of us who are looking to enhance our current skill sets or add a whole new dimension to our professional capabilities.”

For more info about OFTC’s Business Management or other 130+ programs of study, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu.