Duggan Touts African-American Accomplishments During Black History Month Event

Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) hosted their annual Black History Month event in Sandersville on Monday, February 26 with Deborah Gordy Duggan as the guest speaker and an inspirational dance from students in the Delta Academy.

“We are so grateful to have you all here,” said Dr. Saketha Adams while addressing the audience. “This is a special time for us to celebrate and we are thrilled to have such a wonderful presentation for you today.”

Nearly 25 middle school students from the Delta Academy performed at the event, giving a soulfully choreographed dance; several students also sang.

As a native to Washington County and the first African-American student to be named ‘Miss Washington County High School,’ Duggan was an appropriate choice to serve as guest speaker for OFTC’s event.

“We all have a history,” Duggan shared, “but today we are here to talk about the history of African Americans.”

She asked the audience, “Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without all the inventions and contributions made by black African Americans?” Naming a few of the most recognized contributions like toothpaste, clocks, cell phones, traffic lights and more, Duggan’s point was clear – all have benefited from this history.

“I believe you will agree that out history today is a celebration,” she said. “Our history has played a major role in making our world a better place for all.”

In closing, Duggan reminded the audience of the importance of looking to the past as one charts their future. “The role of history is to tell people what they have been,” she said. “The role of history is to tell people where they have been. The role of history is to tell people what they are and where they are.”

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Group photo of special guest speaker, Deborah Duggan, and her family.

Group photo of special guest speaker, Deborah Duggan, and her family.

A room full of people sitting at tables while the young ladies in the Delta Academy participate in their inspirational dance.

The Delta Academy performing their inspirational dance during OFTC’s Black History Month event.