Dublin LPN Students Receive Nursing Pin

Six Practical Nursing (LPN) students were honored during Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) Spring Nursing Pinning Ceremony held on the South Campus in Dublin, Tuesday, May 2.

Graduating nurses were: Meghan Archer, Sandersville; Lynsie Walker Beeching, McRae; Shonna DeLoach, Cochran; Latonya Elam, Harrison; Lacee Locke, Dublin; and Kaitlen Sarber, Cochran.

The college holds this ceremony for every graduating class of nurses to symbolize the students’ completion of their educational requirements which enables them to sit for the state board licensure examination and welcomes them into the medical community. This year, Rhonda Joiner, RN, was the guest speaker.

During the ceremony, each graduating nurse received their nursing pin and lamp. The instructors lit candles in the lamps symbolizing the passing of their knowledge to the student and the students recited the Nightingale Pledge in honor of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

OFTC's South Campus LPN students and Instructors at the Nursing Pinning Ceremony.

Front Row: Meghan Archer, Lynsie Beeching, Kaitlen Sarber. Back Row left to right: Rene Brogdon, Instructor; Shonna DeLoach; Lacee Locke; Latonya Elam; Deb Thomsen, Instructor. Photo/Callie Hatfield