Don Avery Receives the TCFA’s Distinguished Service Award

Former Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) South Foundation President, Don Avery, who is also President and Chief Executive Officer of Fairview Park Hospital in Dublin, Ga., was recently recognized with a Distinguished Service Award from the Technical College Foundation Association of Georgia (TCFA).  

Avery was nominated by the OFTC South Foundation and recognized during the Technical College System of Georgia’s (TCSG) annual Awards Banquet during their Fall Leadership Conference in Savannah, October 29. 

The TCFA’s Distinguished Service Award is designed to showcase past generosity, commitment and dedication to the foundations and colleges of the TCSG and to encourage future generosity and commitment. 

This award embodies the ideals of philanthropy, volunteerism, and leadership in the service of Georgia’s technical colleges and each college was allowed one nomination. 

OFTC’s Don Avery 

Avery served on the OFTC South Foundation early in his career when he arrived in Dublin to serve as CEO at Fairview Park Hospital. During that time, he became an advocate for OFTC in the community and at Fairview Park Hospital.  

Following the untimely death of his daughter, Avery resigned his position on the South Foundation to spend time with his family. During this sabbatical he remained a steadfast supporter of the College and the South Foundation. After the hiatus, Avery returned to the South Foundation where he served as President.  

Under his leadership the OFTC South Foundation saw tremendous growth in support from Fairview Park Hospital and other hospitals across the region. And through his assistance the hospital has donated in excess of $30,000 over the past three years in support of student initiatives including the TOOLS program and the Lending Library. 

Thanks to Avery’s efforts, the South Foundation has grown the TOOLS program, with the help of another donor, so that $20,000 is spent each year on tools to equip OFTC graduates to excel in their work upon graduation. 

Additionally, Avery has advocated on behalf of OFTC’s students to ensure they are hired at Fairview Park Hospital and other medical organizations throughout the region.  

Avery has been instrumental in the forward movement to merge OFTC’s North and South Foundations into one cohesive organization that will better serve OFTC’s students, faculty, staff and the college.  

After resigning from the South Foundation in July of 2019, Avery continues his support of OFTC, most recently covering the unexpected costs of electronic codes needed by practical nursing students to complete their program.  

Regardless of the need, Avery is always willing to support the South Foundation’s needs for funding students which is why he was selected by OFTC’s South Foundation to represent OFTC in this year’s TCFA’s Distinguished Service Award. 

For more info about OFTC or the Foundations, visit the OFTC Foundations page on the College’s website, 

TCSG Commissioner, Matt Arthur, Don Avery, John DeBeers, President of TCFA.

TCSG Commissioner, Matt Arthur, Don Avery, John DeBeers, President of TCFA.