Christopher Fisher Horton Views GED as Steppingstone to Opportunity

Some days he walks and other days he gets a ride, but one thing is certain, Christopher Fisher Horton always finds a way to make it to his Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) GED classes held at the Transformers Center in Dublin.

“I want my GED so that I can use it as a steppingstone to make more out of myself,” Horton shared. “I made the decision to do this because I knew that having my GED would lead to more occupational chances.”

Horton dreams of one day owning his own business and says that by pursuing education and investing in himself, he’ll have a greater opportunity to “give back to his community and the state of Georgia as a thriving entrepreneur.”

Horton’s uncle is the one who encouraged him to take that next step to pursue his GED and directed him to the Transformer Center in Dublin. He started taking classes when it first opened in July and says he was glad to see the educational opportunity open at this location since it was “easier to access.”

“OFTC’s GED program is designed to help you win and succeed,” Horton said. “If you just show up, you will be on a path of education which will set you apart from the rest.”

Only a few months into his educational journey, Horton feels more confident than ever that he’s making for himself a stronger future. “My experience so far has been amazing due to the resources and encouragement that is given through OFTC’s Adult Education program,” Horton said. “I feel as though everyone can do this!”

Not that pursuing a higher education comes without its own challenges, but Horton pushes through with his two-time cancer survivor mother as his inspiration. “Despite all she has gone through, she continues to strive to be more so that she can continue to help others,” he said.

“When Michael Jordan failed at his first tryout, if he had not tried again, he would have never become ‘the Michael Jordan – NBA Star,’” Christopher Fisher Horton added. “So, my plan is not to give up and continue my education and continue to try and go higher and higher to become who I am supposed to be.”

Horton hopes others will follow his example in moving forward and not standing still. “Whatever challenges, struggles, and trials we may have, I am remembering that life is what I make out of it; and whatever I invest in it will be what my return is,” he said.

To those who are contemplating getting their GED or going to college, Horton says to “go for it!”

“Don’t take too long to think about it and why you cannot do it,” he said. “Go learn something and it will inspire you to be better. The time you will spend getting your education or GED is little compared to the time you’ll enjoy it – a lifetime!”

For more info about OFTC or their GED program, visit the College website,

Christopher Fisher Horton is taking adult education classes at OFTC's Transformer Center in Dublin in pursuit of obtaining his GED. He was recently named OFTC's 2020 EAGLE student.

Christopher Fisher Horton is taking adult education classes at OFTC’s Transformer Center in Dublin in pursuit of obtaining his GED. He was recently named OFTC’s 2020 EAGLE student.