Brianna Carey & her Sons Choose OFTC for Career Training

L-R: Chandler, Brianna, and Mitchell Carey
L-R: Chandler, Brianna, and Mitchell Carey

When Brianna Carey enrolled in Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s (OFTC) Respiratory Therapy program her motivation was to provide for her three sons. 

She’d been a stay-at-home mom for fifteen years but a recent divorce left her in need of a career. “What am I going to do now,” she asked herself.  

Hardworking, dependable, strong, smart – these were characteristics Carey knew she had but she needed education and training to translate it into a way to support her family. 

She was interested in the healthcare field and when she saw OFTC was close to home and offered a Respiratory Therapy program, “the pieces fell into place,” she said.  

Carey transferred several college credits so she only needed a few classes in order to apply for the Respiratory Therapy program. “I was excited to learn that once I started the program I would be finished in 4 semesters,” she said.  

Once classes started Carey began to thrive. “It was a big step returning to school after twenty-plus years,” she added. “The program was tough but the instructors were amazing and thorough, and I can tell they love what they do.”  

She completed the Respiratory Program in 2016 and confidently stepped into the next chapter of her life. “I was so confident in my training that I took my state boards the day after I graduated instead of studying for weeks,” Carey said. “I passed both state boards on my first try and earned my RRT before I started my new job which I was able to secure a month before I graduated.”  

The next generation  

Her efforts to provide for her family did not go unnoticed by two of her sons, both whom say watching their mom’s experience inspired them to consider OFTC for their own education.  

Mitch started in OFTC’s Respiratory program in August and Chandler the year before in the Cyber Security program 

“I knew I wanted to be in the healthcare field but my mother is the one who first got me thinking about respiratory,” Mitch shared. “I’ve only just started my clinical experience, but I can already tell the most enjoyable part of the program is going to be the real experience in the hospitals.”  

Even though he’s only one semester in, Mitch has the confidence that like his mom he’s being prepared for a successful career. “I have faith in my instructors. They are very knowledgeable about this field and I’ve already learned so much. As long as I stay eager and motivated, I believe I will be a successful respiratory therapist.”  

Chandler’s experience has been just as positive as his brothers. “My mother’s experience at OFTC made me feel like I would be accepted with open hands,” he shared. And he was right.   

“I enjoy how helpful the instructors are,” Chandler said. “It’s a wonderful college with extremely flexible class schedules, it’s affordable and the location is very convenient.” 

“I’m getting wonderful hands-on experience in my classes and labs and overall, OFTC has helped me develop more responsibility and drive toward my academic work,” he added.  

Regardless of where they’re educated or what they’re educated in, Brianna is proud of her sons.  

“I want them to be successful in whatever career they choose and I feel that OFTC can provide that,” she said. “OFTC has been a good choice for all three of us and I want them to always do their best.”  

Brianna’s third son is in high school and plans to take dual enrollment classes at OFTC. 

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