Brentwood Senior Class to Graduate with 9 College Credits

When Brentwood’s senior class walks across the stage at graduation, all fifteen students will graduate with nine college credits thanks to the college-level English courses taken through Oconee Fall Line Technical College’s Move on When Ready (MOWR) program.

Instead of taking their senior high school English course, the entire class participated in three college-level English courses throughout the school year, taking English 1101 (Composition and Rhetoric), English 1102 (Literature and Composition), and English 2130 (American Literature).

“Brentwood School was excited about the opportunity to expand our course options for our senior students,” shared Elaine Young, Brentwood’s Guidance Counselor. “We’re delighted that this class will graduate with college credits that are transferable to all colleges in the University System of Georgia.”

A Pre-College Experience

College credits aren’t the only reward for these students, either. The experiences they’ve gained are invaluable, giving them an inside look into life as a college student. “They’ve been introduced to the pace and challenges of college English classes while still in high school where they have a strong support system,” shared Traci Upton, OFTC MOWR instructor.

Brentwood Senior and OFTC MOWR student, Mallory Upton.

Brentwood Senior and OFTC MOWR student, Mallory Upton.

Young echoed Upton’s comments and said “They’ve experienced college without the stress of a full load of classes while still being supported by a network of parents, teachers, and friends, so these classes have hopefully built their confidence in the comfort of a familiar setting.”

And while balancing high school activities and college-level coursework is sure to be challenging, the experience has aided the senior students in valuable lessons as they move into their first year of college.

“We all found it challenging at first to stick to the syllabus when there were field trips and ballgames and tests, but after a few weeks, we were all able to settle into a routine,” Upton shared. “Having a defined syllabus allowed the students to learn to work around their other activities, which will definitely benefit them as they move through their chosen plans of study in the future.”

Learning to navigate through Blackboard, the college’s online class platform, was also challenging for the class, Upton said. “But after time they learned the value of a ‘Plan B’ in case they had computer issues on a due date.”

“My MOWR classes have helped me realize that college classes are a lot different from high school classes, but I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in these English courses,” said Brentwood student, Erica Kay. “It’s a great feeling to know I already have credits, and I know I will be able to focus more on my other classes when I go to college.”

Kay’s classmate Mallory Upton agreed, sharing that though it was tough to handle at times, the experience was

completely worth it. “I have enjoyed working with OFTC,” she said. “The college is very organized, and the website is easy to manage. My MOWR experience has been great and it’s going to help me in college to graduate sooner.”

Moving Forward

OFTC MOWR Instructor, Traci Upton, lectures students in Brentwood's MOWR class on literary works in preparation for a test.

OFTC MOWR Instructor, Traci Upton, lectures students in Brentwood’s MOWR class on literary works in preparation for a test.

As these high school students leave comfort and familiarity to venture out and experience new things, the hope of those who’ve invested into their education is that they move forward in confidence, taking these experiences with them as they go.

“I hope that Brentwood’s Class of 2017 feels more confident in their ability to handle more difficult coursework and also feels better prepared to succeed and thrive once in college in the fall,” Young said.

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