Brantley Advances in Radiology Career thanks to OFTC’s Transfer Agreements

Brandon Brantley, OFTC Radiology graduate

The closer Brandon Brantley was to graduating from Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) with his degree in radiology the more his desire to further his education grew.

He sensed the need to continue his education so he’d have more opportunity for career advancement. And after looking into OFTC’s articulation agreements with colleges and universities, Brantley decided to pursue degree advancement options through Valdosta State University (VSU).  

Career Advancement Opportunities 

“Career advancement was my main goal,” Brantley said. “I knew I wanted to have options for career advancement and obtaining my bachelor’s degree would provide me with more opportunities.”  

So he enrolled in VSU’s Bachelor of Science Degree program in Organizational Leadership.  

“I chose to pursue this bachelor’s degree because of the articulation agreement between OFTC and VSU,” Brantley said. “The pathway allows a person who graduates with an associate degree from OFTC to take advantage of several bachelor’s degrees and this one in-particular was the best fit for me and my career goals.”  

Brantley was able to complete his classes for VSU online and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in two years.  

“I’m extremely glad I made the decision to continue my education through one of these agreements OFTC has set up for their graduates,” Brantley shared. “The online setup for the degree made it very easy to handle with a full-time job and a family at home.”  

Brantley took a full load of classes every semester and worked full-time. It took him two years to graduate with his associate degree in radiologic technology and another two years to graduate with his bachelor’s degree, totaling 4 years of college.  

“Having an opportunity like this to continue my education after graduating from OFTC was fantastic,” Brantley said. “It shows that OFTC is really committed to the success of their students even after they graduate. Opportunities like this set students up to be successful.”  

And the entire process was seamless, Brantley added. “The advisors at VSU were extremely helpful. They set up a plan and I put in the work.”  

Achieving Career Success 

When Brantley decided to pursue his bachelor’s degree his goal was to have more opportunities to advance in his chosen career. Now, three years later and only one year after graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Brantley’s decision paid off. 

Brantley teaching a class of radiology students

“I am currently the clinical coordinator for the very radiology program that I graduated from in 2017,” Brantley said. “Pursuing my bachelor’s degree through one of OFTC’s articulation agreements allowed me this opportunity due to the requirements held by the accrediting body for the radiology program.”  

His decision to further his education paid off and Brantley says he’s not finished. “My next venture is to obtain my master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in healthcare administration so that one day I can move into a leadership or administrative role,” he said.  

Now in his new position, Brantley has the unique opportunity to encourage future graduates of OFTC’s radiologic technology program to continue their own education. “I’m grateful that I can encourage graduates of OFTC’s program to take the next steps in their educational career and consider the articulation agreements OFTC has available to them,” Brantley shared.  

“These agreements will set our graduates up for success and are good opportunities for career advancement.”  

For more info about OFTC’s Radiologic Technology program or articulation agreements, visit the College’s website,