Air Conditioning Grad Finds Career Success Locally

Phillip Young was in his late forties when he found himself in need of a consistent and stable career. After picking up the newspaper one day and seeing an AD for Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC), then, Heart of Georgia Technical College, he enrolled in the Air Conditioning Technology program.

Ten years later, he is now the Head of Maintenance at the Federal Courthouse in Dublin, Ga.

The Journey to OFTC

After working in the maintenance field for many years, Young was looking for a change. “I needed to find employment and I wanted it to be in a stable field,” he shared. “After hearing of OFTC and consulting with the advisers, I settled on this program.”

Young always had an interest in the Air Conditioning field and witnessed others find success in it. “I had a brother and a good friend who worked in the air conditioning field, opened their own business and are successful today,” he said. “A/C is something everyone wants. If you learn this trade, there are jobs out there to be filled.”

But his decision to attend college as an adult wasn’t without fear or hesitation. “When I went to see about attending classes I was somewhat afraid and unsure of what to expect,” Young said. “I can tell you that when I arrived and began inquiring what I needed to do, everyone was extremely helpful and very nice.”

And when classes started Young found his instructors to be friendly and helpful: “The classes were challenging but being able to work at your own pace with the skilled instruction from Mr. Claxton and Mr. Livingston made it less intimidating,” he said. “They were always asking how they could help me and I felt at times they wanted to help me learn more than I wanted it.”

“From day one, Phillip exhibited all the traits of a person with good work ethics,” shared Kevin Livingston, OFTC Air Conditioning Technology Instructor. “He was considerate of others, always wanted to learn more and was there every day. And if he didn’t know something he would ask and this’s what we ask all of our students so we can help them if they don’t understand.”

Career Success

Young graduated from the Air Conditioning Technology program in 2007 and feels he came away with more than just the certification he needed for a great career. “My instructors taught me more than the skills I needed to get the job; they taught me how to keep it by teaching about work ethics and how to be presentable,” Young said.

“The skills I’ve learned at OFTC are invaluable to me,” he added. “Because of the patient instruction I received I feel I will always be able to have a job.”

After working in the air conditioning field for a few years, Young found an opportunity that would combine his certification in Air Conditioning Technology and his experience in the maintenance industry. “There was an opening for the Head of Maintenance position at the Federal Courthouse in Dublin and I applied and landed the job,” he said.

“With my experience, the blessing of the Lord, and the training I received at OFTC, I got the job and I’ve enjoyed it ever since,” Young added.

While tasked with the general upkeep of the building, Young’s main priority is preventative maintenance on the chillers, boilers and A/C units, skills he learned in OFTC’s Air Conditioning Technology program.

“I’m using the skills I learned at OFTC by knowing how to read the gauges and meters to measure various pressures, volts, amps and the knowledge of the equipment so we are able to keep it running safely and avoid major repair costs.”

“OFTC is truly a great place to further your education,” Young said. “And I’m so grateful for my experience there.”

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Phillip Young and OFTC Air Conditioning Technology Instructor, Kevin Livingston, standing in the courtroom at the Federal Courthouse in Dublin, Ga.

Phillip Young and OFTC Air Conditioning Technology Instructor, Kevin Livingston, standing in the courtroom at the Federal Courthouse in Dublin, Ga.