Policies & Procedures

Grades/GPA Information

Final grades for the semester may be viewed on BannerWeb 3-5 working days after the term ends.

Course Withdrawals

Students may initiate a course withdrawal by notifying the instructor teaching the course of their intention to withdraw.  A student may be administratively withdrawn by an instructor if the student does not comply with the attendance procedure outlined in the course syllabus.  A student will receive a grade of a W if a withdrawal is processed during the first five weeks of the course (prior to midterm).  After midterm, a grade of WP (withdraw passing) or a WF (withdrawn failing) will be assigned.  Withdrawals occurring after 80% of the term regardless of the grade will be WF.

Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment Verifications may be printed by accessing the Enrollment Verifications link on BannerWeb.  Enrollment verifications will not be available until approximately the third week of the semester.

Employers or other agencies may request enrollment verification information by contacting the National Student Clearinghouse – www.studentclearinghouse.org or www.degreeverify.com.


Oconee Fall Line Technical College annually informs students about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.  The College fully complies with FERPA which was designed to protect the privacy of education records, establish the right of students to inspect and review their education records, and provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through information and formal hearings.   Students also have the right to file complaints with FERPA concerning alleged failures by the College to comply with the Act.

Questions concerning this law and the College’s procedures regarding release of academic information may be directed to the Registrar’s Office at (478) 240-5161 – North Campus and (478)274-7761 – South Campus.


For your convenience, you may print the following forms: