Finding Project Ideas

One of the most important considerations in picking a topic for your science fair project is to find a subject that you consider interesting. You’ll be spending a lot of time on it, so you don’t want your science fair project to be about something that is boring.

We know that finding a topic is the hardest part of a science fair project, and sometimes you just need a little help focusing on what sorts of topics would be of interest to you. To help you find a science fair project idea that interests you, browse through some of the links below or search the web. So click on one of the links below and get started!

What Makes a Good Science Fair Project Question?

For a good Science Fair project question, you should answer “Yes” to every question below:

  • Is the topic interesting enough to read about, then work on for the next couple months?
  • Can you find at least 3 sources of written information on the subject?
  • Can you measure changes to the important factors (variables) using a number that represents a quantity such as a count, percentage, length, width, weight, voltage, velocity, energy, time, etc.?
  • Or, just as good, are you measuring a factor (variable) that is simply present or not present? For example,
    • Lights ON in one trial, then lights OFF in another trial,
    • USE fertilizer in one trial, then DON’T USE fertilizer in another trial.
  • Can you design a “fair test” to answer your question? In other words, can you change only one factor (variable) at a time, and control other factors that might influence your experiment, so that they do not interfere?
  • Is your experiment safe to perform?
  • Do you have all the materials and equipment you need for your science fair project, or will you be able to obtain them quickly and at a very low cost?
  • Do you have enough time to do your experiment more than once before the science fair?
  • Does your science fair project meet all the rules and requirements for your science fair?
  • Have you checked to see if your science fair project will require SRC (Scientific Review Committee) approval?
  • Have you avoided the bad science fair project topic areas listed in the table above?