Aaron Aims for Makeup Artistry Career after Earning High School Equivalency

Abigael Aaron elected not to finish high school. But she had a passion for makeup design and knew she needed to further her education if she wanted to make a career for herself.

After watching her sister attend and graduate from Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC), Aaron decided to attend OFTC in pursuit of her high school equivalency.

“My goal was to receive the equivalent of a high school diploma and higher education towards a career,” Aaron said.

Abigael Aaron and fellow classmate, Zacheriah Pullins pose with Demme McManus, OFTC’s Dean of Adult Education during OFTC’s Spring 2021 Commencement Filming.

So, she signed up to take GED prep classes through OFTC’s Adult Education program.

“And from the very beginning my experience at OFTC was positive,” she said. “The staff, particularly my teacher Mrs. Swanson helped guide me every step of the way and was crucial in my decision to further my education.”

“It meant a lot to have a teacher who took a positive interest in me,” she added. “Someone who wanted to see me graduate.”

Aaron completed all four sections of the GED exam and obtained her high school equivalency last December.

“Knowing I’ve earned this credential makes me feel so empowered,” Aaron said. “I didn’t give up, I worked hard, and I received my GED.”

Aaron wants others to know if they need their high school equivalency OFTC is a great option. “I want others to come into the program with a positive outlook, a willingness to work, and know that it can be done.”

Adding Skills for Success

Equipped with her GED, Aaron was confident she could pursue a career as a makeup artist.

“I have a love for makeup design and a desire to take it to the theatre or movie avenues,” she said. “After shadowing a makeup artist on a movie set, I realized I would be a greater asset with a more well-rounded knowledge that a cosmetology program would give me.”

Photo//Michelle Simpson

She enrolled in OFTC’s cosmetology program immediately after earning her high school equivalency.

And with the confidence she gained while enrolled in the adult ed program, Aaron believes she knows what it takes to pursue her dreams. “I learned a lot about the success that hard work and studying brings,” she said. “And I know I have the ability to keep going.”

With adding the knowledge of cosmetology to her repertoire Aaron knows she’ll be more marketable in the makeup industry. “After I complete the cos program I plan to further my education to become a successful makeup artist,” she said.

A Place to Grow

Aaron said she’s glad she made the decision to pursue her high school equivalency at OFTC. And that decision is what ultimately led her to where she is today – confident, equipped, and ready for success.

After obtaining her high school equivalency, Abigael Aaron enrolled in OFTC's Cosmetology Program.

“OFTC is a positive environment for youth and adults alike,” Aaron said. “Not only do they offer opportunities to obtain your high school equivalency but the ability and opportunity for higher education.”

“The entire process of receiving my GED to entering a college program had a positive impact on me,” she added. “It instilled in me personal growth and a strong work ethic that I did not have before,” she added. “I would like to offer my gratitude to OFTC for such a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.”

For more info about OFTC’s Adult Education program or how to earn your high school equivalency, visit the Adult Education page on OFTC’s website.

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