2017 Washington County Science Fair Winners Announced

More than 263 young scientists, sixth through twelfth grade, presented their research projects during the annual Washington County Science Fair Competition hosted at Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) in Sandersville, Friday December 1. Participating schools included Washington County High School, T.J. Elder Middle School, and Brentwood.

“Each year I am so impressed with the projects and so proud of the students in the school systems in Washington County,” said fair organizer and OFTC Executive Director of Institutional Advancement Kathy Aaron. Thirty-six individuals volunteered to serve as judges for the Science Fair with backgrounds that included medical, engineering, chemical, mathematics, biological, education, psychological, botanical, and military experience. OFTC Foundation North would like to thank each judge who volunteered their time and talents to make the event such a success.

This year the Foundation on North Campus was fortunate to have the following corporate sponsorships: the OFTC Foundation North, Washington EMC, Burgess Pigment, Bulk Chemical, Imerys, Citizens Bank, Queensboro National Bank and Trust and Deep River Outfitters. “Our success would not be possible without them and we are thankful to the generosity of these organizations for their continued support of this great community project each year.”

In addition to the Science Fair, the Foundation hosted ‘The Tallest Newspaper Tower Challenge’ for students. In teams, the students competed using four newspaper sheets, masking tape, and ingenuity to construct towers. As the name implied, the tallest tower that stood for the longest amount of time won the competition. Middle School winners were Drew Carter and Payton Severance (89 inches); High School winners were Summer Lewis and Archy Patel (77 ½ inches).

The Science Fair Winners are encouraged to participate at the Regional Level at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, and the OFTC Foundation North sponsors all Over-All winners at the regional level by paying their entry fees. “We wish these students the best of luck at the next level,” Aaron shared.

To learn more about OFTC, visit OFTC.edu.

To view additional photos of the Science Fair, visit the OFTC Facebook page.

Science Fair Winners

Middle School – 3rd Place

Harley Eastmead and Tori Dunn

Ryder Brown, Connor Gunn, and Anthony Richburg

Devion Fields

Raheem Cato and Deasia Walker

Savannah Wilbanks and Madison Hart

Mason Evans

TaLaiah Hall

Lylah Lewis, Jordan Earl, and Christian Kitchens

Andre’a Hunter

Sydney   Allen

Lily Taylor

Ashlyn Veal, Emma Fulghum, and Lillian Giles

Abbey Pettit

Jillian Josey and Ellen Garrett

Middle school – 2nd Place

Dymear Poole and Rachel Frost

Stormy Yawn and Tamia Thomas

Kayla Black

Ethan Wilson

Abbey Daniel

Jessie Trussell and I’yanna Watson

Ike Pool

Drew Holtapp

Ben Peyton and Colton Smith

Melana Sellars and Kaitlin Gardner

Hunter Lindsey

Katherine Durden

Jasmine Collins

Divine Lester

Summer Wilbanks

Justin Brett

Janyia Hightower


Middle School – 1st Place

Madelyn May

Gavin Gilreath

Trenity Davis and Tyler Salter

Kirsten Gilbert

Payton Severance and Drew Carter

Libby Mathis


Middle School Overall 2nd place: Payton Severance and Drew Carter

Middle School Overall 1st place: Libby Mathis

High School Winners

High School – 3rd Place

Christian Sellars

Ti’Shenna Dixon

Alaina Yarboro

Jamir Cason

John Chavez

Will Wiggins

Wesley Daniel

Mariah Johnson

Keryngton Riner

Katy French

Carlos Whitaker

Alexandra Allen

Lindsey Kitchens

Mary Aliff

Haley Evas

Josh Sheram

Tyberias Poole

Lina Patel

Jada Kirksay

Shanterria Coleman

Kayla Brinson

Tabitha Mimbs

Carleigh Harris

Shamal Watkins

J’Meiah Burke

Jayla Wright

Megan Gardner

Ayden Stewart

Zachary Taylor

Nytiana Merrell

Christian Trinidad

Brienna Strowbridge

Briana Ross

Chloe Willard

Morgan E. Harris

Ryan McGill

Faithia Walker

Jamie Turner

Kelby Turner

Dalton Hilliard

Amaya Taylor

Taylor Jackson

Ja’Niya Lawrence

Ashanti Johnson

High School – 2nd Place

Carter Willis

Gracie Brantley

Jordyn Duckworth

Bailey Lawson

Chance Jackson

Shelby Phillips

Laura Griffin

CH Wright

Nylah Green

Shania Jackson

Joshua Rogers

Charles Heldreth

Charlize Reynolds

Jairus Brown

Gabby Brantley

Lindsay Strange

Rosemary Garner

Jordan Pettit

Amber St. John

J’khristian Duckworth

Deniah Neal

Macy Peyton

Dyasia Flagg

Sydney Barrett

Emmalee Radford

Breanna Trussell

James Watts

Shea McGill

Destinee Ellison

Ju’Wan Henderson

Dadrian Lyman

Hunter Jackson

Mia Williams

Mary Preston Alexander

Olivia Bryson

Donald Buck

Jakayla Barnes

High School – 1st Place

Anna Mathis

Shayla Mack

Kanijah Johnson

Kaleb Goodlow

Lauren Hall

Warren Coneway

Cheyenne Burgamy

Overall High School 2nd place: Warren Coneway
Overall High School 1st place: Anna Mathis

Group photo of Middle School winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Middle School winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Middle School overall 1st and 2nd place winners, outside smiling

Middle School overall 1st and 2nd place winners

Washington County Science Fair; HS 3rd Place Winners standing outside, smiling

Washington County Science Fair; HS 3rd Place Winners

Washington County Science Fair; HS 2nd Place Winners smiling outside

Washington County Science Fair; HS 2nd Place Winners

Washington County Science Fair; HS 1st Place Winners standing outside, smiling

Washington County Science Fair; HS 1st Place Winners

High School overall 1st and 2nd place winners standing outside, smiling

High School overall 1st and 2nd place winners