Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities

Dual enrollment programs for high school students in Georgia are seeing new and exciting changes beginning July 1, 2015. Talk with your local OFTC High School Coordinator for details!

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

OFTC works with high school students to encourage career awareness, career guidance, and participation in postsecondary opportunities. The goal is to assist students with a seamless transition from the secondary to the post-secondary experience.

Most jobs require training beyond high school, yet not necessarily a 4-year degree.  OFTC has a variety of programs and avenues available to high school students to help them utilize their time, energy, and resources most effectively.


For more information about dual enrollment programs at OFTC, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!


North Campus (Sandersville)

Debbie Price

Phone: (478) 553-2098

Fax: 800-853-1336


South Campus (Dublin)

Robbie Hobbs

Phone: (478) 274-7765

Fax: 800-732-0589



High School Initiatives

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