Academic Support

Oconee Fall Line Technical College's Adult Education program offers academic support services for students to enter college at the highest level possible or the highest level of learning support. Entry at the highest level will enable students to save their financial aid dollars and help them prepare for the rigorous academic requirements at the beginning of their postsecondary career.

The adult education program offers free academic support courses in:

  • Reading, writing, and math;
  • Courses linked with college survival skills;
  • Courses in study skills, such as critical and creative thinking skills, note-taking, time management, goal setting, and stress reduction;
  • Dual enrollment in adult education and academic support education, depending on placement process; and
  • College transition courses that bridge the academic gaps between adult education and college-level courses.
 For more information on enrolling in these support courses, please contact Bess Boyd at (478) 553-2079 or Shalesta Sanders at (478) 274-7848.

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