OFTC Board of Directors 2013-2014

While the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia is the governing Board of Oconee Fall Line Technical College, a local board of directors operates in concert with the State Board to accomplish the mission of the college.


Local boards were established for each college based on the philosophy that decisions regarding individual schools should be made at the local level, and a portion of the authority and responsibility of governance should be delegated to the local boards. The State Board delegates to the Local Board of Directors the authority to develop local policies and procedures to meet the needs of the college’s service area.


Local Board of Directors

2013-2014 OFTC Local Board of Directors

(Pictured, L to R: Front Row - Mrs. Etta Wilcher, Ms. Frenchy J. Hodges, Mrs. Sandra McNeal, Dr. Kathy Culpepper,  Ms. La Tunya Goodwin. Back Row - Dr. Lloyd Horadan, Mr. Bern Anderson, Mr. Joe Gore, Mr. Ken Bibb, Mr. Chris Steeley, Mr. Ben Harvill, Mr. Earnest Wade, Jr., Mr. Karl Haywood. Not pictured: Mr. Wayne McDaniel, Mr. Ben Tarbutton, III, Mr. Desmond Wilson)


Dr. Kathy Culpepper, Chairman (Certified Board Member), Wilkinson County

Mrs. Etta Wilcher, Vice Chairman (Certified Board Member), Glascock County


Mr. Bern Anderson (Certified Board Member), Washington County

Mr. Ken Bibb, Washington County

Ms. La Tunya Goodwin, Hancock County

Mr. Ben Harvill (Certified Board Member), Dodge County

Mr. Karl Haywood, Warren County

Ms. Frenchy J. Hodges (Certified Board Member), Laurens County

Mr. Wayne McDaniel (Certified Board Member), Laurens County

Mrs. Sandra McNeal (Certified Board Member), Wheeler County

Mr. Chris Steeley, Bleckley County 

Mr. Ben Tarbutton, III, Washington County

Mr. Earnest Wade, Jr., Laurens County


Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

The Oconee Fall Line Technical College Board of Directors will hold their monthly meeting on the fourth Thursday of most months at 3:00pm alternating between the North and South Campuses, unless otherwise noted.


Date Time Location
June 26, 2014 3:00 pm

Sandersville - Tarbutton Conference Center



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