20 OFTC Students Nominated for GOAL Award

Instructors at Oconee Fall Line Technical College have nominated 20 students for this year’s Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) competition.

GOAL, a statewide program of the Technical College System of Georgia, honors excellence in academics and leadership among the state’s technical college students. GOAL winners are selected at each of the state’s 25 technical colleges, as well as one Board of Regents College with a technical education division.

“The purpose of the GOAL program is to spotlight the outstanding achievement by students in Georgia’s technical college and to emphasize the importance of technical education in today’s global workforce,” said Janet Smith, coordinator for the OFTC’s GOAL program.

OFTC students chosen for recognition by their instructors are listed with their program of study and county of residence:

• Cecila Adamson, Business Administration Technology (Laurens)
• Harold Albritton, Business Management (Laurens)
• Shamada Carr, Criminal Justice Technology (Laurens)
• Stephanie Duskin, Respiratory Care (Laurens)
• Patrick Dukes, EMS Professions (Glascock)
• Melissa Evans, Machine Tool Technology (Laurens)
• Nakia Fragher, Business Administrative Technology (Washington)
• Cathy Foskey, Imaging Science (Johnson)
• Kristy Garner, Practical Nursing (Washington
• Rosa Jenkins, Early Childhood Care and Education (Bleckley)
• Crystal Lanford, Early Childhood Care and Education (Washington)
• Kenyetta McGuire, Early Childhood Care and Education (Johnson)
• Tybetha Montgomery, Business Administration Technology (Laurens)
• Dorothy Ogburn, Medical Assisting (Laurens)
• Rachel Pederson, Applied Business Technology (Laurens)
• Carol Sutton, Electronics Technology (Laurens)
• Devanta Williams, Air Conditioning Technology (Laurens)
• Toni Williams, Network Specialist-Cisco (Telfair)
• Craigory Williford, Practical Nursing (Washington)
• Whitney Williford, Practical Nursing (Washington)

A screening committee of administrators at Oconee Fall Line Technical College will review each of the instructor’s nominations then conduct personal interviews with the students. After the nominees have been interviewed, four finalists will then be chosen to compete to be OFTC’s GOAL winner for 2013.

The four finalists will then take part in another round of interviews and evaluations by a selection committee of representatives from local business and industry. That panel will also consider qualities such as the students’ academic achievement, personal character, leadership abilities, and enthusiasm for technical education.

The student judged most outstanding will be designated as the college’s GOAL winner and move on to the regional competition. Three representatives from each region will make up the nine semi-finalists, who will be named in April at the state GOAL conference in Atlanta. The nine regional finalists will then move to the state level for the title of Georgia’s state GOAL winner.

The student who earns the state GOAL winner title is also awarded the important responsibility of traveling the state as the ambassador of the Technical College System of Georgia. To make that travel easier, the winner also receives a new car from Chevrolet, the statewide corporate sponsor of Georgia’s GOAL program.

 120412 South GOAL

South Campus Nominees (Above):

Seated (L to R): Kenyetta McGuire,Stephanie Duskin, Rachel Pederson, and Cathy Foskey

Standing (L to R): Toni Williams, Carol Sutton, Rosa Jenkins, Cecila Adamson, Dorothy Ogburn, Harold Albritton, Devanta Williams, and Melissa Evans   


North Campus Nominees (Below)

(L to R):  Whitney Williford, Kristy Garner, Craigory Williford, Nakia Fragher, and Crystal Lanford



120412 North GOAL 





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